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Accounting teaching Life Balance


Debit = Credit. Assets & Liabilities = Equity. In Accounting, Everything has to BALANCE! That’s the basic concept that you first learn.

Basically, Accounting is saying, you can deduct or expense, up to an amount equal to what you already have in your account; otherwise you will incur a loss. If you need extra money, then you need to prove to the Bank/investors that you have enough assets/ potential future economic values that will enable you to repay back the bank loan or if for investors, that you’re worth their investment.

”It’s all a matter of what you first have inside versus what’s reflected outside!”

And this is really how should our personal life be: The outflow of our inside beauty.

How is your inside beauty behind your outside mask? What’s your personal values, your deep beliefs, your inner strengths/weaknesses that you need to work on? What’s in you?

Nowadays, people are more concerned about their outward look. Everybody wants to put their best makeup, wear their number one suits; everybody wants to be “sur leur 31” (as would say our French people). We’re growing up into that world where people are saying ‘without saying‘: “Just tell me I’m beautiful but don’t ask me more”, “Just compliment me but don’t point out where I need to work on” because we don’t want people to put a finger on where things are going bad from the inside perspective.

Is it good to have a good appearance? The answer is Yes! Is it good to put on some makeup? Sure! I do, and I love it! But should we become obsessed about it? Should it be our ultimate priority than what’s hidden inside of us? I don’t think so! Don’t you?

Now let me share my beliefs with you. I believe that our Inside starts with Jesus-Christ, our forever perfect example of Life and blameless lifestyle. Life by being the giver of Life itself; Him as the only way, truth and Life (1). For if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved (2). Blameless lifestyle by being the perfect reflection of love, patience, goodness, sacrificial life, endless goodness, and every good and honorable character and attitude!

There is no value in investing in this ephemeral life when excluding Him. All these things will pass away, but Eternity will remain; And He is Eternity; an Eternal God who has found pleasure in coming on this Earth to bring Salvation to you! To Humanity!

So, please Be Excellent, Work hard, Love people, Do good, BUT start with Jesus-Christ. Start with the foundation, the solid rock, the pioneer life and let your mask be uncovered by the overflow of His beauty in you.

Just as would say my Apostle ElHadj Diallo in one of his prayer “Lord Jesus-Christ, please, don’t do anything great outside greater than what’s inside of me.”

Let it be our everyday Prayer!

(1) John 14:6; (2) Romans 10:9

With Love,

Ritsa M.


Driven by Passion.
Born to impact and leave a legacy!
Made to worship and please my God.

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