Walking down or up headed?


A283ED97-BAD6-4865-901C-02E7F3DBCF13Few days ago, I was walking, slowly down the street, enjoying the weather.
It was one of those nights where you can remove your gloves, feel the wind freely blowing through your hair, sing without feeling your vocals breaking, breath without feeling the freezing cold heating the nose.

Well, if you live in Montreal, you will probably feel me better.
So as I walked forth, everything looked perfect to me.

In the middle of that night walk, in such a winter season of this beautiful city, I was just having my me time, relaxing, singing and enjoying the blissful day.

Suddenly, a question popped up in my mind. Why are you walking down headed?

Then I was like yeah…why am I walking down, this way? I mean, it’s not snowing, nor raining, why am I walking like this?

It was one of those moments when you’re having an inner discussion going on within yourself; I’m sure you’ve had one; at least once in your life.

As I asked myself the question, less did I know I was about to learn a very beautiful – tangible lesson. And so, I looked around me!

I looked around, finding the answer to my question. It seemed obvious to me that I was walking that way because even though the weather was nice and very pleasant; the floor was still covered with snow. And yes, I was unconsciously paying attention.

I had to walk carefully, with my head faced down, though the rest of my subconscious was having it’s fun.

I then realized – This is how we sometimes run our lives. We walk this life with our head faced down. Wondering and caring about the surrounding situations; our today, our present conditions; the friend, the spouse that hurt me. The job, the money I just lost. The boss, the colleague that embarrassed me. The bad news from the phone call I just received; literally, that small circle in which only our shadow can be reflected.

We’re walking, but only stepping into our own shadow; and we lose focus on the destination. That destination where your head up, used to focus on.

So, I told myself; let me try! I raised my head up straight. I started to walk, with my eyes visualizing only ahead!

Lord, that was hard! The slippery floor couldn’t just allow me to stay focused on my destination path. Why? Because I cared enough about myself, not to allow me to fall flat.

Is this not how we often react? We focus on these easily accessible situations, where only our hands stretched out can still handle. This circle of ours, where we want to have total control? Because frankly, to look only at the vision can seem overwhelmingly hard to achieve.

Then how can I keep walking, not seeing the full end? How can I focus that far, when even the present is too hard to handle? Well, I believe it’s possible. But it demands full determination, perseverance and a vision to keep you walking. Yes, it’s possible.

So, to you, I leave this question: Are you walking with your head down or up?

I windup my inner discussion with this: If I have to look down again, let it be for me to learn lessons that would prevent me from failing and falling again; as I keep heading to my vision. My destination.

With Love,

Ritsa M.


Driven by Passion.
Born to impact and leave a legacy!
Made to worship and please my God.

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