Don’t let fear win


Sweating, trembling, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, Sensation of butterflies in the stomach, confusion or disorientation, nausea, feeling faint,…

Hello Fear!

I’m sure you’ve dealt with Fear and Anxiety; at some point in your life. This fight between your body’s reaction and what you actually want to do.

Maybe would you remember that first day of your high school, the first time you stood in front of the whole class for a presentation, or during your interviews? 

What about your proposal day, your wedding day, or when you were walking down the aisle?

Was that a one time sensation?

A one time that seemed endless at a certain time? 

Something that you ended up fighting with constantly?

Maybe did you train yourself to shut down that voice because you came to realize that if not you would never make a step forward?

I remember that day when I’ve had the opportunity to assist this press conference. The media had come to interview the CEO of a big company.

I went there, curious to see how these big personalities usually deal with media…I wanted to learn from them. I was thrilled, completely focused, observing the body language, the posture and attentive to the diplomatic speech.

As I was observing, I couldn’t believe the CEO’s hands were all shaking. I could see he was fighting with his anxiety, trying to preserve his posture though his body was reacting out of fear. Wow, that man was actually seriously trembling. I was shocked!

Shocked because I had believed that maybe after more than 5 years being a CEO, there could be a time in someone’s life when you never have to experience anxiety or fear anymore.

Guess what? It wasn’t the case; well, at least for that man. He was there facing the media, representing that whole big company he had been entrusted with, 

BUT nevertheless fighting with his own fear.

Taking a step back now, I wonder how would his journey maybe be different if he had made his choices based on his fears!

Respect to people who do not give up because of fear. Respect to those who refuse to give up on their dreams, aspirations, and calling, because of fear.

It doesn’t matter If you have to constantly boost up yourself with words of encouragement, maybe call someone in your family or a friend to remind you how special you are, watch yourself in a mirror and command yourself to win over those grip of fears, or bow down to your knees and completely rely on God. 

What matters most is: “the end result.”

Did you let Fear win or not?


I hate Fear!

It feels like it is holding on to you.

Stopping you from being who you ought to be. 

It feels like being in a small box, like a black tunnel with no light out. 

You feel imprisoned.

Fear only speaks lies. In other words, there is no truth that can possibly come out of Fear. Even when it sounds like a sound full of wisdom, it is not. Fear is an evil spirit. Fear comes from the devil. It does not bring you any good except destroying your life’s purpose.

See this picture? 

OK, I give you permission: Please have a close look at that one, zoom in if you need to, a bit closer, a little bit more…perfect, you can stop there!

That’s actually me. You’ve probably recognized me already or maybe not?

For those who didn’t know my face, I know that picture is not a perfect example but at least it gives you an idea. Two targets with one bullet, let me simply say “Enchantée.”

Now, of course I did not share this picture just to introduce myself. I have more respect for your time management than this.

Let’s talk more seriously. And go deeper…

That was a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon. We had gone to a place called “Camp Peniel” for a Youth Retreat and that was actually our second time.

The first time we went there, I had played it safe. I discovered this Kayak but I did not know how to ride it. I asked one of my friend to take control while I was just admiring the beauty and having fun. That was my moment, why killing it?

We agreed; then I peacefully sat at the back in complete contemplation of the bigger world that was surrounding us. What an astonishing moment it was…

Yes astonishing but you know what? Here is the truth: I was AFRAID

Afraid of falling in the water; Afraid of what could have been in the water? Crocodile? No, we’re in Canada, Ritsa. OK maybe, could there be some bacteria, or microbes. There was a whole fictional scenario going on in me.

A scenario motivated by fear.

Fear was holding me back from living the essence of that beautiful full experience.

I had observed some of my friends falling in the water, trying again, then falling back and I just did not want to even give it a try. 

I wasn’t ready. 

I was convinced that I could not be able to do it without falling in the water. I had to fail to reach it because that was the example that was set before my eyes through my friends’ experience.

I was measuring my success story based on other’s experience. 

If they’ve failed, that will surely happen to me.

One year after, we went back to that same place. At that time, I had decided to at least try. Why not? Until I had tried, I could never tell, right? Why was I so convinced to fail before even trying? 

That was fear lying to me.

I decided to sit down a little bit, observe and learn from the ones who knew how to ride a Kayak. I observed the moves until I decided to actually rise up and try.

Yes, I said… Try. 

I was not fully convinced of the result, but I decided to have faith in me. A sparkle of faith in me, moved me from my place of fear to a place closer to accomplishment.

I took that Kayak, went on the water and started to imitate the right moves I had seen. 

During the first minutes, I tried to find the right balance; and the more I was progressing, the more I was feeling fearless. I looked back and realized I had moved a step, a bigger step. Yes, I was in the middle of that big water space. I started to feel comfortable; turning from right to left. 

I rode it as if I was born doing that. I was so comfortable and fearless.

Not only did I fully enjoyed, maximized that experience but I felt delivered from fear!

Don’t let Fear win!

Step out, try, find a balance till you stabilize.

In your case, it might be a job opportunity, a project proposal, that great opportunity that feels like it is beyond your capacity; it could be for you to respond to the deeper thing you’ve always wanted to do; a business project; a bachelor or Master’s degree? For some reason, maybe have you already disqualified yourself before even trying?


Whatever technology you may be admiring today, it is the result of a man or a woman who rose up one day and silenced those fearful voices. 

Probably, there was no success guaranteed, but that person made a difference just because he or she tried.

I refuse to surrender to Fear. I shall rise up and not let Fear win. AND so is my desire for you.

Don’t let Fear win!

With Love,

Ritsa M.

P-S: Thank you for reading – Till next time…


Driven by Passion.
Born to impact and leave a legacy!
Made to worship and please my God.

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful piece🦋

    1. Glad you enjoyed it 😘

  2. Alexis M. says:

    Fear is a liar , it prevents us from being who we are created to be. Well done Ritsa👏🏾👏🏾

    1. Merci Alexis 🙌🏽

  3. Deborah says:

    We refuse all fear to lead us
    Good Job sweetie 💖

    1. Amen 😘

  4. Magnifique says:

    Thank you so much Dear Ritsa , I had pushed to read this story since I was having a big exam and I wanted to give myself a good time to prepare I wish I knew this would help me to overcome the fear I had for my exam.

    I could relate to your different cases shared


    I am glad i got to read this .and Fear will never rule in my life ,I repeat I am a winner

    Thanks a lot Dear Ritsa for this incredible piece

    1. Wow thank you Dr.Magnifique
      This will serve as a reminder for me as well
      I’m sure you did well! Winner!!
      Thank you for leaving me your comment 😀

  5. Brian Kwizera says:

    Thanks for the beautiful piece once again. I am actually suprised u did that all by yourself. Fear should only exist to motivate us. Bless your work Ritsa👍🏽💛

    1. Hahah Brian; ntunyemera ndakuzi 😅lol
      Fear should only exist to motivate us; wow nice!

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