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We’re beautiful Together…



I don’t think there is a better world without people. Let’s try this together for a second: Imagine a world just made by yourself. A big place where only one human is just there by himself. Turn to the right, see yourself in a mirror. Well, try on the left side, guess what? It’s still just you. Look up, smile to the skies then look down, the ground is where your feet are. Shout out! Echoes are your answer.

Well, what a beautiful empty space just made by one human.

How did you find it? Tell me more…

I feel blessed that God overlooked for us and made this world beautiful with people and so much more in it.

Nobody had control on the timing of landing in here; we’ve all met at one time or another in this world and here we are today – living this life together.

Isn’t it beautiful? I’m glad we’re sharing this world. I’m glad we’re living this life together; I’m glad even more if our paths have once crossed.

When I was a little baby, my world seemed very small as it was just made by my mom, dad, my sister and brothers. The more I grew up, I actually started to realize that my world was bigger than expected. I had cousins, uncles, aunties, grand-parents; and if you’re born in the same place as me I.e “Burundi,” I actually had a whole country.

I’m coming from a place where everybody knows everybody and nobody knows we know everybody’s stories but we all know we do? I feel confused by own sentence now…

Guess what? That’s just how confusing it can sometimes be.

But again, this same place is filled with Love. People love each other; people have learned to share the few things they have. They grow up together, get punished together, laugh together, play together, cry together, etc.

Indeed, they just live life together.

In my native language, we like to say: “Uwukurusha itunga akurusha abantu.”

This is our way of expressing that having people, being surrounded by people is valuable than any other monetary wealth or else. Of course, who could compare?

People are simply special, unique in their nature. We’re all different yet similar. From different background, cultures but in fact, those same differences make the fullness of the beauty of diversity.

There is so much Power in the unity of diversity; Power in acceptance of differences; Power in giving space to the other person to become who he ought to be; Power in giving space to the true nature of self to come out and be able to fulfill who he/she is.

As much as we’ve learned to play together, I believe there is also a time needed when people can learn to give space, encourage, support, compliment, clap hands for someone as we all need each other.

I may be an accountant today but I will need a lawyer at some point in my life to help me sign some contracts (what about that?); I sometimes go see a doctor; I need my comedian brother to help me visualize this life with more fun in it and relax; I need my musician friend to maximize the joy and beauty of the music sound; I need your writing skills; I need your analytical view; I need your painting skills to see the beauty in a picture but yet draw revelation from it; I simply need you in your unique manifestation of who you really are.

As for me, I promise to learn to support you; to encourage you; to compliment you; to help you step out from your comfort zone; I promise to try to let you be! Because my desire for you is to fulfill who you’re made to be.

We’re beautiful together; but yet more powerful in our uniqueness.

With Love,

Ritsa M.

P-S: Thank you for reading – Till next time…



Driven by Passion.
Born to impact and leave a legacy!
Made to worship and please my God.

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  1. Ornette says:

    We’re powerful together indeed!!i love this❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you Ornette ❤️

  2. Alodie Kwizera says:

    Ritsa you such an amazing soul in all corners and guess what i enjoy your writting skills too we are away more beautiful together ❤❤❤❤

    1. You got me ❤️
      Thank you Alodie 😘love you

  3. melira says:

    Simply put : I am blessed by your text. Thank you and hey I/we missed you here 😊

    1. Hahah I’m back 😂
      Thank you 🙏🏽

  4. Ladouce U says:

    Aww, what a great story. Thank you for using your gift to inspire people, I really enjoyed reading it😘❤

    1. Thank you Ladouce; I’m glad you enjoyed 😘

  5. Alain says:

    Woow Ritsa you’re amazing, 👌 I just love and enjoy reading your article I feel don’t want to stop reading, and I love this paragraph where you said that “people have learned to share the few things they have. They grow up together, get punished together, laugh together, play together, cry together, etc.”I remember back home I used to live in a compound with 3 different families à midi ou le soir souvent vers 20h time to eat, everyone bling the food they cooked outside and ate together after that stories start 😆,was just good life I pray so God can bring peace in Burundi it’s just beautiful country. 🙏

    1. Hahah thanks Alain; our homes have the capacity to expand as you fill in people 😂

  6. Brian Kwizera says:

    Thanks for sharing this great message. What unites us is way bigger than what divides us (Ikiduhuza kiruta icyo dupfa). Keep up the good work😘🤩

    1. Yessss Thank you Brian 😀
      I like that sentence

  7. Monia says:

    I love thiss Ritsa, we are beautifully unique yet better together! And it’s such a needed message in this season, thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks Monia 🙏🏽

  8. Deborah says:

    Awww what an inspiration 🥰💕 thank you for sharing with us your great and brilliant amazing thoughts 👌
    can’t wait to read the next one 🤗 keep giving us more…😉
    Congrats once again you did a great job 👏

    1. Thanks Deborah 😘; let’s enjoy this together 😀

  9. Georges Zatia says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this publication richly made.
    Definitely, the way you wrote this, it’s the best view to live in society and open up reciprocally

    1. Best way to summarize it! Thank you 🙏🏽

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