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Families – Love and Care


I used to have this one sided perfect image of families. A family full of love, attention, care; a family that prays together; one that shares everything; for richer and poorer; in sickness and health.

Well, the kind of family that simply inspires Love and Unity.

Wow! Please allow me to share with you some of the greatest family’s memories that I cannot forget. There used to be times when we would all gather at my grandfather’s place every New Year’s Day. 

It was around those seasons when we were all so young and cute; all living at our parents’ places; very young kids. At that time, I still had my maternal grand-parents alive.

My grand-father, a very smart and gentle man, had initiated a sort of ritual at every new year’s celebration.

This is how the deal was: On top of our usual class results proclamation at school, we had a second one during our big family reunion. Grandpa had to know all of our academic results. 

For every grandkid who had good grades, a gift was waiting for him or her. For those who hadn’t, (Lord have mercy!) A family counselling was set for them!

For some reasons, from my grandparents to my parents including my uncles and aunties, they all had “a say” about our studies and the way they expected us to perform.

As much as it was a bit stressful when you had not done that great, we still felt loved. They were caring…looking up for us to do great! No matter how big family we were, nobody was missed out.

Grand-father had an eye on each and everyone.

Wow! What a Lovely family! This family has always inspired me to love. Those moments have created in me, so much love, a sense of belonging, and a sense of protection towards each other.

I can’t thank God enough for my family and I know you would probably say the same about yours.

Families are … Well, I will let you fill in the blank because it’s just sometimes hard to express the full love and gratitude that we feel about ours. 

So much is felt about them. Sometimes, so much love! 

Or…on the other side, some sort of anger, hurt, pain, simply too much of a picture of brokenness.

Brokenness in families…Next article

With Love,

Ritsa M.

P-S: Thank you for reading, till next time…


Driven by Passion.
Born to impact and leave a legacy!
Made to worship and please my God.

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  1. Thanks Ritsa for this lovely and also as the name inspirational memories. God bless you. Luz

    1. Hi Luz, happy to read your comment 😀. Thank you 😘

  2. Alodie Kwizera says:

    This is super great, missing those family moments

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